Electric Vehicle Charging

Ford Fusion EV Charger electric vehicle charging cable OEM 110V Level 1

Ford Fusion EV Charger electric vehicle charging cable OEM 110V Level 1

Ford Fusion EV Charger electric vehicle charging cable OEM 110V Level 1

Ford's OEM Electric Vehicle Charger Ford Part. Is a type of portable Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) with cord connector that enables convenient charging of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV). This safe, easy-to-use, Level 1 portable charging cordset allows EV owners to charge their vehicles anywhere from an available 120VAC service.

The Delphi Portable Electric Vehicle Charger is formally listed as Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment with Underwriters Laboratory Inc. The technology in this high-quality cordset enables a seamless transition between the automotive and residential/commercial environments. This charging system consists of four major components, which together deliver a robust and reliable charge cycle to an electric vehicle. ICCB (In-Cable Control Box) - contains charge station technology. Cable - 20 feet (6 meters) of UL-Type EVJE.

Cord connector - universal SAE J1772 or IEC Type 2 design. Vehicle inlet - includes wiring to on-board vehicle charger.

The system is designed to current industry standards, making it compatible with many battery electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Complete charging system, designed for both functionality and styling.

Provides convenience, safety and comfort for owners. User-friendly system plugs into existing electrical infrastructure. Male plug of charge coupler connector mates directly to a built-in female inlet on vehicle. EVSE end provides standard, grounded UL grid plug connection to household 120VAC/15A service.

Engineered to provide a robust, reliable charge. Systems can be customized for global applications based on local supply voltage and grid plug interface. Multiple levels of safety for the user, the EV and the charging equipment.

Charger circuit interrupt device (CCID20) with automatic reclosure. After a nuisance trip, the unit will self check and resume charging. Charging (output power provided to vehicle). Power fault (missing/bad safety ground). Charging fault problem on output side, e.

Pushbutton-controlled latch for safe and secure connection. Outdoor rated (NEMA 4) enclosure. Safety of Personnel Protection Systems for EV Supply Circuits. Ground fault protection with fully automatic retest and reclosure. UL 2202 - Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging System Equipment.

UL 2594 - Safety of EV Supply Equipment. Allows charging to resume after a fault. If fault clears, no user intervention is required. EVSE constantly checks contacts to verify integrity of AC charging path. Self-check feature eliminates the need for monthly testing by user. Safety of Plugs, Receptacles, and Couplers for EVs. Sealed cord connector protects internal components. All terminal interfaces and crimps sealed from environment when mated. Knurled button for easy, non-slip latch activation/deactivation.
Ford Fusion EV Charger electric vehicle charging cable OEM 110V Level 1